The following is the statement made by Alexandra Ortiz, the victim's cousin, during the February 27, 2023 detention hearing:

I am Nichole’s cousin. This is her. We,  the family of the victim Nichole, are asking the court not to grant bail. Due to the violent action Mr. Pedersen committed, we are now without one of our own. Mr. Pedersen chose to take a life based on his own emotion and lack of consideration for all those he has affected in doing so. We are the victims. Nichole is the victim. Her rights were not considered, nor the impact of the situation in his irresponsible, selfish decision to take her life. Nichole was a beautiful young mother of a 10-year-old son. A son who now fears for his life because he can’t comprehend the action taken on his mother that night. He now fears Mr. Pedersen’s release. If this person hated his mother so much to end her life, then he could take his too, because that’s his mom and he is a part of her. A 10-year-old boy, too young to understand how ugly people can be. 

Nichole was a mother, a daughter, an aunt, and a niece. She loved with her whole being and contributed so much of herself to the world. She had her own candy business and loved spreading happiness with her work of art. She was a comedian with the most beautiful laughter that died with her the evening of Mr. Pedersen’s selfish and violent decision. We can now never get Nichole back. But this court can deliver our Nichole justice by denying bail. Mr. Pedersen does not deserve to be released to get his affairs in order. A violent person like him should not be allowed to walk the streets free. Nichole was denied the right to get her affairs in order; she didn’t get to call her son to say goodnight or I love you. She wasn’t allowed the right to hug her son and family one more time. Mr. Pedersen took those rights from her the night he chose to take her life. Mr. Pedersen is a danger to the community. He has shown to the world how unstable and unfit for society he is by allowing something so simple to drive his anger to take another’s life.

Ms. Ortiz has also released this statement regarding Mr. Pedersen's release via Tiktok.