Court Filings by Date

12/2/2022 Charges Filed

12/2/2022 Warrant 985827057 No Bail: Pedersen, Dustin James

12/2/2022 Probable Cause Affidavit

12/2/2022 Order to Hold Without Bail

12/2/2022 Public Safety Assessment

12/5/2022 Warrant recalled, defendant booked

12/6/2022 Initial appearance, Judge Kara Pettit
Defendant is in custody of the Salt Lake County Jail
Defendant's attorney: Bruce Nelson
Scheduling Conference /Detention Hearing 12/19/2022 9:00 AM

12/14/2022 Motion  to Appear Virtually (by Pedersen)

12/15/2022 Order  Granting Motion to Appear Virtually

12/15/2022 Motion to Withdraw (by Pedersen, changing attorneys)

12/15/2022 Order Granting Motion to Withdraw

12/15/2022 Initial Discovery

12/16/2022 Appearance of Counsel (Pedersen new defense attorney, Rudy Bautista)

12/16/2022 Order Granting Appearance of Counsel

12/19/2022 Minute Entry, Scheduling Conference/Detention
Judge Richard McKelvie
Court orders Pretrial Services to conduct release recommendation report

1/23/2023 Request for Discovery

1/25/2023 Character Reference Letters

1/25/2023 Substitution of Counsel (Pedersen new defense attorney, Loni DeLand)

2/6/2023 Request for Discovery First Supplemental

2/27/2023 Detention Hearing (audio  and text)
Judge Richard McKelvie
Prosecutor: Blithe Cravens
Defendant's Attorney: Loni DeLand

Court order bail set at $100,000.
Court orders that if defendant makes bail, defendant be release to Pretrial Services under the following conditions:

2/27/2023 Detention/ADC

2/27/2023 Order to reduce bail

2/27/2023 Special set preliminary hearing scheduled April 18, 2023 1:30 PM

2/28/2023 Deweys Bail Bond, $100,000.000 Bond# D009519, Posted 2/27/2023

3/1/2023 Motion and Stipulation to Modify Terms of Pretrial Release

3/2/2023 Order Modifying Terms of Pretrial Release

3/6/2023 Notice of Appearance for Deceased Victims Family (Donna Kelly, attorney for victim's family)

3/9/2023 AMP Electronic Install Report. Court orders defendant to set up Pretrial through AMP

3/13/2023 Second Discovery Response

3/21/2023 Letter of Support for Victim

3/28/2023 Third Discovery Response

4/4/2023 Motion to Continue

4/4/2023 Appearance of Counsel (Blithe Cravens)

4/4/2023 Appearance of Counsel (Dixie Jackson)

4/7/2023 Order Granting Motion to Continue

4/11/2023 Preliminary Hearing Scheduled 6/27/2023 2PM

5/15/2023 Second Supplemental Discovery Request

5/26/2023 AMD Update Report

6/14/2023 Fourth Supplemental Discovery  Response 

6/14/2023 Response to Second Supplemental Request for Discovery

6/27/2023 Preliminary Hearing (audio) (text)
Charlie Iacono Testimony
Detective Wiley Testimony
David Maynard Testimony (download) (video)

6/27/2023 Arraignment set on 7/31/2023 1 PM

6/28/2023 Minutes Preliminary Hearing

7/7/2023 Fifth Supplemental Discovery Response

7/10/2023 AMP Compliance

7/28/2023 Motion Return of Property (Pedersen cell phone)

7/31/2023 Arraignment: Not Guilty Plea Entered

9/25/2023 Motion hearing set re: cell phone return